Zach Jacob for City Council

Experienced Leadership for West Jordan

The last few years have brought unprecedented challenges to our city, our communities, and our state. I've been there to help make the tough calls. Now, as we face an uncertain future, we need experienced leadership to continue moving West Jordan forward.

Delivering Results for West Jordan

For the past eight years, I’ve worked hard to deliver results for the people of our city. Not long after I was elected, I pushed for the return of our 4th of July Carnival and the expansion of the festivities around the Western Stampede. I pressed for a stop light on 7800 S and 6700 W. I stood firm in the face of developers and city management who wanted to sell our promised park lands for more residential development. And I worked to get Maple Hills Park funded and built. I’ve worked to make sure West Jordan is and stays on solid financial footing, opposing large tax and utility fee increases and fighting for long term budgeting plans.

Consistent Leadership

We’re facing uncertain times as our economy slows and markets react to an ever-more-volatile news cycle. These macro economic events are felt right down to the city level, as we saw with COVID-19 and the economic impacts that resulted. I’ve served on the city budget committee, and have had a front row seat to the difficult decisions that have been made. Along the way, I’ve pushed for sustainable fiscal policy and the minimum possible impact to the residents and businesses that call our city home. I have the experience and the skill set to help guide our city through the next four years.