I’ve spent the last several days in the Oquirrh Shadows neighbored talking to voters and listening to their concerns. One thing that comes up repeatedly is traffic calming. Most of the time, residents are looking to reduce speeds on their neighborhood streets. The streets in that section of the city were built before it was a part of West Jordan, and many of them are wider than most of the neighborhoods in the rest of the city.

During my first term, I was able to work with our previous mayor and the staff to get speed bumps installed on several streets throughout Oquirrh Shadows. There is still work to be done. I’ve also been working to simplify and streamline the application process to get traffic studies done and traffic calming measures installed in neighborhoods that need them. Of course, there will always be more need than available resources, but it’s important that we don’t let city bureaucracy get in the way of safer neighborhoods.

Serving on the city council is a highly complex and highly rewarding way to serve my community. I’m asking for your vote because there’s still work to be done.