I’m running for reelection because the city is moving in the right direction, and I want to make sure it keeps going that way.

For the past seven years, it’s been my privilege to serve the citizens of West Jordan. From 2013-2015 I served on the city’s Planning Commission, where I learned about land use and the rights of property owners to develop their property, and the rights of citizens to have a say in how new development affects their quality of life. In 2015 I was elected to represent the citizens of district 3 on the West Jordan City Council. It has been my sincere pleasure to serve. I’m asking for your vote so I can continue to represent your interests in your city’s government.

West Jordan has come a long way in the last four years. When I took office, the headlines about the city were about the mayor fighting the council and the city management, the council fighting the mayor, and the administration just trying to get things done. Now, four years later, a new leaf has been turned over in our city. Gone are the infighting battles and the petty arguments, and in their place is a synchronized effort to move the city forward.

The course has been righted. Let’s keep this city moving forward. It’s a new dawn for West Jordan.

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The very best way to get ahold of me is text. Text me at 801-755-9628. I also welcome phone calls, but my day job keeps me busy, so it may be a little while before I get to your call or message. In any case, I really do want to hear from you! Share with me your opinions and concerns, it makes it much easier to represent you when I know what you’re thinking.