Even before I was elected to the city council, I heard the cries of people in the Maples neighborhood (about 6700 West and 7800 South). Getting out of that neighborhood during peak times was difficult to impossible. There was a two-way stop, and it’s a popular route for school busses, as well as nearly all of the commuting traffic from the Maples and the Sycamores neighborhood. As a result, traffic getting out of 6700 West would back up for several minutes. It routinely looked like this:


So, after I was elected but before I took office, I asked the city manager for a traffic study to be performed on the intersection. He graciously agreed, and the traffic counts came back and it was determined that a light “wasn’t warranted.” So I asked again. And again. And then finally I was told we could maybe have a roundabout. And then we had a change in city leadership, so I asked again, and this time, the request was finally granted.

It took almost 18 months after that traffic study, but I’m truly happy to report that today, the intersection looks like this:

The highlight of this job is getting things done for the residents that sent me to city hall to represent them!