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“A campaign is so much bigger than just the candidate. It takes volunteers, supporters, donations, and friends to make it happen.” – Zach Jacob

Thanks for being willing to help with our campaign. There are lots of ways to get involved!


The opportunities are endless!

We need YOU!

Whether it’s helping to pass out door hangers in a neighborhood, marching in the 4th of July parade, making phone calls, or writing letters to the editor, there are lots of ways to volunteer on our campaign. Simply send an email to and let us know what you can do. Be sure to specify the time(s) you can help and what you’re willing to help with. And again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!


Got money, but no time? Donate!

It costs money to get the word out!

$5 buys a t-shirt, two yard signs, and about 4 door hangers. $200 buys about 400 stamps for direct mail. $1000 gets a direct mail postcard in about 1200 mailboxes (and West Jordan has a lot more than 1200 mailboxes!) You can donate via PayPal, Venmo, GoFundMe, or mail a check. If it’s over $50, I need to know your address for reporting purposes (state law). And THANK YOU!

(click HERE to donate)

Host a Party

You know people who know people!

I'd love to meet your neighbors!

I would love to come to your home and meet your neighbors. If you’re willing to host a cottage meeting in your home, I will make time to be there and answer your questions and those of your neighbors, friends, and anyone else. Just let me know the time that works best for you.

Request a Yard Sign!

A Sure Fire Way To Increase Property Values

Let your neighbors and visitors know who you're voting for!

Request a lovely Zach Jacob for West Jordan Mayor yard sign, and we’ll deliver one and install it for you. Let your friends, family, neighbors, visitors, door-to-door salesmen, and anyone else who comes to your door know who you’ll be voting for. Plus it makes your house look GREAT.

To volunteer in any capacity, just send an email to and let us know how you’d like to help!