As my first term on the city council draws to an end, I have had the occasion to look back on the past four years. Through it all, I have endeavored to keep as a guiding principle the fact that it is the people of the city that run our city government. Ultimately, every city organization chart should have the residents, at the top; not the mayor, not the council, not the city manager. It’s up to me to represent your concerns to the city staff, and not to represent the staff’s priorities to you, the residents. Far too many of our eleced officials forget which way they should face.

For me, it goes like this: the people –> Me, your representative –> the city staff.

Far too often we see elected officials, especially at the city and county level, put it this way: City staff –> Council member –> the people.

Honestly, there have been times on my term, especially early on, that I did not do this as well as I should. There have been situations and time where I caught myself facing the wrong way. I took the position of the staff and brought it to the residents, and not the other way around; at least, not to the degree I should have.

This job has a learning curve, and I think I’ve come a long way. I’m running for re-election for this reason as much as anything else. I want a chance to continue to represent the people that elected me, and to do it better and more effectively in the years to come.