Zach has worked hard over the past 4 years to not only represent his constituents well on the West Jordan City Council, but also to build relationships with other elected officials at the local and state level to help get things done for West Jordan. That’s why these elected officials, as well as citizens, stakeholders, and businesses in and around the city have endorsed his campaign for re-election.

It’s not about who you know, it’s about getting things done.

Kim Coleman
Kim ColemanUtah House district 42
Aimee Winder Newton
Aimee Winder NewtonSalt Lake County Council
Jim Riding
Jim RidingWest Jordan Mayor
Dan McCay
Dan McCayUtah Senate district 11
Daniel Thatcher
Daniel ThatcherUtah Senate district 12
Ken Ivory
Ken IvoryUtah House district 47
Adam Gardiner
Adam GardinerFormer Legislator and Salt Lake County Recorder
Greg Hughes
Greg HughesFormer Speaker of the House - Utah Legislature
Chad Lamb
Chad LambWest Jordan City Council
Jake Anderegg
Jake AndereggUtah Senate district 9
Darrell Robinson
Darrell RobinsonJordan School District Board of Education
Lincoln Fillmore
Lincoln FillmoreUtah Senate district 10
Rich Cunningham
Rich CunninghamFormer Utah Legislator - district 50

“As business leaders who have invested a significant amount of our time and resources into the City of West Jordan, we appreciate your strength to stand behind your word on the dais and actually vote to support legislation that will foster the business community’s ability to prosper, employ more citizens and give back to the community that we love.

Your 100% business friendly voting record shows that you understand the importance of economic development and how a healthy economic development serves your constituents by providing your citizens with a better quality of life, better access to products and services and lower overall property taxes.”

– West Jordan Chamber of Commerce

We support Zach Jacob for re-election to West Jordan’s City Council

Marie Cummings
Collett Litchard
Ashleigh & Duc Phan
Adam & Melanie Sadler
Dan Griffiths, former state school board member
Ben & Stephanie Southworth
Elias Grange Jr.
Chris Harbert, BlackWidow Pest Control
Rachel Harbert
David Pack
Bill Barton
Max & Krista Marler
Paul & Jennifer Grace
Dan Lawes, former West Jordan Planning Commissioner
Sheila DuBois
Michelle Foote
Andrew & Tiffany Carlino
Mike & Stephanie Roach
Jeff & Brandie Rudy
Carrie and Jake Douglas
Breanne Haws
Tom Griffith
Jake and Stacey Wade
Lance & Cari Jessup
Wade & Marcie McEntire
Bryan Arnett
Bob Parslow
Mike Mildenhall

If your name isn’t listed here yet, and you’d like it to be, simply email the campaign at electzach@gmail.com