One thing I was struck by at this year’s Utah League of Cities and Townsmidyear conference last week was how far West Jordan has come in our reputation as players in the state of Utah.

Four years ago as I was running for my first term on the city council, West Jordan was, in the eyes of Utah politicos (and many others), a mess. We had the mayor fighting the council, the council fighting the administration, and the administration fighting the mayor and the council. And we weren’t participating in the regional organizations that exist to promote and further the interests of cities and local governments in our state.

Fast forward to today. Our council works well together. Sure, we disagree–sometimes passionately–but at the end of the day we get behind the winning side and we move on. We have a new city manager and an entirely new senior staff. And the difference is remarkable. And the difference is being noticed among our neighbors. This is a very good thing for our city.