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Fresh Bold Leadership

“It’s time for a fresh start for West Jordan, and that begins with new, bold leadership.”

– Zach Jacob

Fresh Bold Leadership

“It’s time for a fresh start for West Jordan, and that begins with new, bold leadership.”

– Zach Jacob

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As your next mayor, I pledge to:


Put residents first

Be financially responsible

Increase community engagement

Tirelessly advocate for the interests of West Jordan

Keep the mayor and council out of the news—except for good things!

Come to work every day remembering exactly who I work for: YOU.


Why am I running for mayor?

As a city councilman for the last two years, and for three years on the planning commission prior to that, and for several years on various city committees, I’ve seen how our city functions under a few different mayors. I’ve seen how an effective mayor can do so much good for the city, and I’ve seen how an ineffective mayor can lead to problems. I’ve seen how important it is that we have a good communicator as the face of the city, and how important it is that the mayor understands his role in our form of government.

I wasn’t planning on running for mayor this year. I thought it might be in my future, possibly in 2021. But the more I realized what I felt the city needs in our next mayor, and the longer I waited for such a candidate to emerge, the more I began to realize that the candidate I wanted to support just hadn’t shown up yet. And I wasn’t alone. I began to be asked if I would consider running, and I was being asked by people who weren’t just my neighbors and friends (although they would also suggest it), but by people who have been involved in city politics for a long time and who have been paying close attention to who was already running.

And so, after much careful and prayerful consideration, and after much discussion and compromise with my family and other priorities, I decided that the time was now, and so I joined the race for mayor of West Jordan. We’re at a point where our history is meeting our future, and it’s important that we have a capable and forward-thinking mayor who can lead the city into the next decade and beyond. I hope to be that mayor, and I’m asking for your confidence and your vote as we work together to realize our city’s amazing potential.

As Your Next Mayor, I Will

For more specifics on the issues I plan to tackle as mayor, click here.

“On the city council, I have been tirelessly advocating for more citizen input in the governing of the city. That will only expand when I’m your next mayor.” – Zach Jacob

Abraham Lincoln said it well when he called our government

“Of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

In the United States, including West Jordan, the people are sovereign. That means you’re in charge.

Whether it’s the role of elected or appointed officials in they city’s form of government, or a multi-million dollar rec center, or if roundabouts should be placed in every intersection, it’s you, the people, who get to make those decisions.

Now because you’re busy, and because there are so many decisions made by city staff, you elect representatives to make many of those decisions on your behalf. And those representatives should value and seek your input. On the city council, I have constantly advocated for your voice to be heard. I pushed for more town hall meetings and the creation of a residents’ committee to study the form of government issue. I led the charge to get the rec center bond on the ballot, and I have a robust social media presence to help me keep in touch with you, the people of West Jordan. That’s Fresh Bold Leadership.

Because you’re in charge around here.